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World Energy Efficiency Day

Last March 5th was the World Energy Efficiency Day, a date to think about the use of the energy and its optimization. Energy efficiency is to obtain the same energetic goods and services with less resources, so that sustainable societies less aggressive with the Environment can be created.

We can find an example of the intelligent use of energy in lighting. Through the individual study of the projects, and by choosing high quality solutions appropiate to each need, important savings and a better use of the energy can be achieved.

Now, LED technology is one of the most innovative and efficient choices in lighting for all kind of spaces. However, not all the systems from the market have the enough quality, either for failures because of a poor optimized design, or because its performance and useful life are lower than expected. For this reason, it is needed to trust in partners than make the benefits of LED technology come true; for example:

– Low power consumption

– Profitability

– High durability

– Quality and lighting control

Due to all this, in LUXINTEC we analyse in detail the needs of each project in a way that we are able to offer the best solution, and we also study the economic feasibility and amortization thanks to our own software Lighting Costs Calculator (LCC).

If you may need an analysis of your project, please feel free to contact us.